About Norwegian language

Norwegian is a Germanic language, belonging to a group of Scandinavian languages (together with Danish and Swedish). In the Middle Ages, Norway was united with Denmark and under its influence, so during that period Norwegian written language completely disappeared. The language of education was Danish. 

In the Age of Romanticism, as the idea of a nation, national history and independence was arising, intellectuals started thinking about reviving their native language. They collected Norwegian words which survived in people’s speech and they applied Danish grammar on them. That is how bokmål was born. On the other hand, Ivan Aasen noted down old dialects from around Norway and created nynorsk. For that reason, we now have 2 standard Norwegian languages. However, nynorsk is used less, although Norwegians make an effort to keep both variants of their language.

Norwegian courses at ST NICOLAS SCHOOL

We offer 3 courses at levels A1/A2, B1 and B2. Each course is 5 months long (80 lessons). At elementary course, we introduce Norwegian grammar, writing and pronunciation; the focus is on everyday situations and conversation. At intermediate and advanced courses, vocabulary is increased, grammar improved and conversation practised further; units comprise texts about Norwegian culture and history, as well as shorter literary texts and newspaper articles.